Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Hibernation is over

There has been a period of hibernation on this blog due to the completion and defense of my PhD last fall/winter.  And while this platform was primarily created as a space to explore topics related to my doctoral research, in the immediate future, I do plan to continue to use it to informally develop ideas as I speak and publish in the areas of peace & conflict, (cognitive) linguistics, information science, and their intersections with culture and politics.

Coming soon... a focus on quantitative peace research beginning with some thoughts about the communication strategies of ISIS from a cognitive linguistics perspective with comments on the report from the Brookings Institute integrated with some other projects such as the peace and terrorism indices.

Also coming up... thoughts on paper to be delivered at the 8th annual Conference on Human Welfare in Conflict at Oxford's Green Templeton College, titled: Cultural Concepts of Culpability: the role of ICT in post-conflict transitional justice. 

And in the meantime, I just came across this painting in the MFA Houston, and it resonated for 2 reasons.  First, it has an obvious conflict resolution context.  But second, it reminded of the optical illusions that integrate two images (the old/young lady) so that viewers see different images depending on their perspectives.  In this painting, there is no optical illusion at play, but it is simultaneously urgent and frenzied at one end and deliberate and calm at the other.  It depends on the viewer's perspective which aspect controls the scene's narrative.  And so it goes in conflict res....
During my phd, I did learn the secret to keeping elephants out... where does that go on my cv?