Monday, 22 August 2016

I've moved....

A note for readers that I haven't been totally dormant, I've just migrated!

I am continuing my research and writing in a new location and in a new role.... as
Director of Human Geography and Analytics Research at
  Geographic Services Inc.

Look for continued socio-cultural analysis of current events on their website as well as updates on research and presentations.

The next phase of my work will focus on integrating previous findings around cultural variability in conceptualizations of justice, culpability, agency, reward, risk, location, time and a host of other complex concepts into Human Geography-- the core elements of socio-cultural relationships set in the context of their location.  I will be working with an amazing team of linguists and cultural experts and geospatial analysts, so I get to extend the work to many regions of interest. 

This site will continue to host academic publications and my curriculum vitae as well as archive the posts from my doctoral fieldwork.  Thank you to everyone who has browsed, followed, and written to comment or ask questions.