Selected Publications

Curriculum Vitae

Peer-reviewed articles  
Groupthink: ICT Design with Culture in Mind (2014)
Culture, Technology, Communication Conference Proceedings

A Voice in the Crowd: Broader Implications for Crowdsourcing Translation during Crisis (2013) Journal of Information Science, 9(3), June 2013: pp. 397 - 409. (online) 

The Digital Battlefield: Controlling the Technology of Revolution (2012) 
Volume 18 - December 2012. New ICTs and Social Media: Revolution, Counter-Revolution and Social Change, International Review of Information Ethics.

Conference Papers
UNESCO Report: Renewing the Knowledge Societies Vision: Towards Knowledge Societies for Peace and Sustainable Development by Robin Mansell and Gaetan Trembley for WSIS +10 Conference 2013, Paris, France.  Section Contributor: “Ethical Considerations for Knowledge Societies,” and General Reviewer    

 Invited Publications
   Foreign Policy’s War   of Ideas Blog    11/4/2013
   LSE Review of Books Blog   29/8/2012, 15/3/2015
       P@x Bulletin April 2013 
       ArtsPages    12/10/2012
       Oxford Internet Institute’s Policy and Internet Blog 7/5/13

TEDxBradford 2012, Bradford, England
Speaker “Open Access or Silent Culture: ICT User Experience in Conflict”

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